Apartment Cleaning Services in Dubai Sharjah and Ajman

We offer top quality Apartment Cleaning Services in Dubai Sharjah and Ajman work at the most affordable prices from our tent to this safe Our cleaners use only safe and environmentally friendly products that will leave your home Selva Group for 15 years in the house keeping industry Providing cleaning services.

We are excellent mr inshallah the customer has little to give we are committed to providing excellent customer care we do fatir and we clean offices and cleaning for our clients in UAE Assist in the needs of Our efforts have made us exceptional and truly the best cleaners in Dubai Sharjah and Ajman. Cleaning services can be a vast and challenging task Is.

Apartment house cleaning services

House , apartment cleaning services in dubai sharjah and ajman of  are accessible by appointment most importantly for the purpose of flexible hours we will probably finish every job after the customer is done for cleaning bookings must call or whatsapp us.

Will provide the best services that will not only make your house clean but also free from many germs. Regardless of whether you have a referral plan, you may decide to have your house cleaned once a week.

Cleaning services for bathroom

Sometimes you just need a little help to keep things looking great.You’re busy.You don’t have time to clean up the mess around us. Not only will your bathroom look clean and shiny, but it will also be free from many germs. This will not only keep you safe from diseases but also make you feel happy while using the washroom. Every building deserves to be clean. It is very important to keep the shower tub, mirror, tiles, and flash clean.

We clean the bathroom floor with a scrubber-bolster machine using a Salvatore  machine. Certainly! Apartment cleaning services in Dubai offer professional cleaning solutions for residential spaces, ensuring a tidy and sanitised living environment for occupants. Some apartment cleaning services in Dubai Sharjah and Ajman may offer additional specialised services such as deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, and organising cluttered spaces. Hiring a professional cleaning service can save time and effort for busy individuals while ensuring a clean and comfortable living space.

More details about apartment cleaning services in Dubai

Deep Cleaning

This involves a thorough and detailed cleaning of all areas in the apartment, including hard-to-reach spots such as behind furniture, inside cabinets, and under appliances. Move-in cleaning ensures that the new space is clean and ready for occupancy, while move-out cleaning ensures that the apartment is left in pristine condition for the next tenant.

Customised Cleaning Plans

Some cleaning services offer customisation cleaning plans to cater to the specific needs and preferences of their clients. This allows customers to choose the frequency of cleanings, specific areas to focus on, and any additional services they may require.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

Many cleaning services offer econ-friendly cleaning options using environmentally safe products and methods. This is beneficial for individuals who are conscious about reducing their environmental footprint and prefer non-toxic cleaning solutions.

Licensed and Insured Professionals

Reputable apartment cleaning services in Dubai Sharjah and Ajman employ trained and experienced cleaners who are licensed and insured. This provides peace of mind to clients knowing that they are entrusting their home to qualified professionals who are accountable for their work.

Convenient Scheduling

Cleaning services typically offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate the needs of their clients. Whether it’s a one-time cleaning, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly service, clients can schedule cleanings at a time that works best for them.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Many cleaning services stand by the quality of their work and offer a satisfaction guarantee. If clients are not completely satisfied with the cleaning service provided, the company will work to address any concerns and ensure customer satisfaction.

Some important apartment cleaning services in Dubai

Reputation and Reviews

Look for cleaning services with a strong reputation and positive reviews from past clients. This can give you confidence in the quality of service you’ll receive.

Green Cleaning Practices

If environmental sustainability is important to you, consider hiring a cleaning service that uses eco-friendly cleaning products and practices. This helps minimize the impact on the environment and ensures a healthier living space.

Communication and Reliability

Select a cleaning service that communicates clearly and reliably. They should be responsive to your inquiries and requests and show up on time for scheduled cleanings.

Transparent Pricing

Choose a cleaning service that provides transparent pricing with no hidden fees. Make sure you understand what is included in the service and any additional charges for extra services or special requests.

Guarantees and Satisfaction Policies

Look for cleaning services that offer satisfaction guarantees or policies. This demonstrates their commitment to delivering quality service and ensures that you’re satisfied with the results.

Availability and Flexibility

Consider the availability and flexibility of the cleaning service in Dubai scheduling appointments that work for you. Some services may offer evening or weekend appointments to accommodate your schedule.

Referral or Recommendation

If possible, ask for referrals or recommendations from friends, family, or neighbors who have used cleaning services in the past.

Benefits of hiring apartment cleaning services in Dubai


One of the biggest benefits of hiring a cleaning service is saving time. Professional cleaners in Ajman can efficiently handle all cleaning tasks, freeing up your time to focus on other priorities such as work, family, or leisure activities.

Consistent Cleanliness

With regular cleaning service appointments, you can maintain a consistently clean and tidy living space. This helps prevent the buildup of dirt, dust, and clutter, creating a more comfortable and hygienic environment.

Professional Results

Cleaning services employ trained and experienced professionals who use specialized equipment and techniques to achieve superior cleaning results. They have the expertise to tackle even the toughest cleaning challenges effectively.

Healthier Environment

A clean home contributes to a healthier living environment by reducing the presence of allergens, bacteria, and other harmful contaminants. Professional cleaning services in Sharjah and Ajman use products and methods that effectively sanitise and disinfect surfaces, promoting better indoor air quality and reducing the risk of illness.

Stress Reduction

Outsourcing cleaning tasks to a professional service can help reduce stress and alleviate the burden of household chores. Knowing that your home is being taken care of by experts can provide peace of mind and allow you to relax and enjoy your space more fully.

Increased Property Value

Maintaining a clean and well-maintained apartment can enhance its overall value and appeal. Regular cleaning helps preserve the condition of surfaces and fixtures, prolonging their lifespan and minimising the need for costly repairs or replacements.

Flexibility and Convenience

Cleaning services typically offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your needs. Whether you prefer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or occasional cleanings, you can schedule appointments at times that work best for you, providing added convenience and flexibility.

Professional Advice

Cleaning services may offer valuable advice and recommendations for maintaining a clean and organised home. From organising tips to suggestions for effective cleaning products, you can benefit from the expertise of professional cleaners to keep your apartment looking its best.

  • Allows you to focus on other priorities while professionals handle cleaning tasks efficiently.
  • Maintains a consistently clean and tidy living space with regular service appointments.
  • Trained cleaners use specialised equipment and techniques for superior cleaning outcomes.
  • Reduces allergens and harmful contaminants, promoting better indoor air quality.
  • Offers flexibility with customisation cleaning plans tailored to your needs and schedule.
  • Outsourcing chores alleviates stress and allows for more relaxation and enjoyment of your space.
  • Preserves the condition of your apartment, enhancing its overall value and appeal.
  • Provides flexible scheduling options for added convenience and ease of use.
  • Offers valuable tips and recommendations for maintaining a clean and organised home.
  • Knowing your home is cared for by professionals provides peace of mind and comfort.

Curtain cleaning services

Curtains and blinds are must-have extras in any home. Apartment decent Cleaning in Dubai Sharjah and Ajman of curtains is also very important.Curtains also play a very important role in beautifying our rooms. And periodic shade cleaning needs to be adopted to further improve indoor air quality.

Apartment Cleaning in Dubai

Garden cleaning services

Salva Group has been providing garden cleaning services in Dubai UAE for over five years. 

  • General cleaning of the garden
  • Garden protection
  • cutting grass
  •   Weeding
  • Trim the seeds
  • Planting

Our experienced team will work with you and meet your needs. We understand that every garden is different and we will play a vital role in beautifying your garden so that your garden is not only beautiful. You will look beautiful but also feel very happy to see you. For more services and details contact us on Whats App or online.

A few more aspects of apartment cleaning services in Dubai

Pet-Friendly Cleaning

For households with pets, some cleaning services offer specialized cleaning techniques and products that are safe for pets. This includes removing pet hair, cleaning pet stains, and ensuring a clean and healthy environment for both pets and humans.

Flexible Payment Options

Many cleaning services offer flexible payment options to make it convenient for clients to pay for their services. This may include online payment methods, credit card payments, or invoicing options.

Consistent Quality Assurance

Reliable cleaning services maintain consistent quality standards by conducting regular quality assurance checks and evaluations. This ensures that the cleaning team consistently delivers high-quality service to every client.

Additional Services

Apart from standard cleaning tasks, some cleaning services in Sharjah and Ajman offer additional services such as laundry, dishwashing, and organizing services. These extra services can help clients save time and maintain a well-organized living space.

Professional Equipment and Supplies

Reputable cleaning services use professional-grade equipment and high-quality cleaning supplies to achieve superior results. This includes vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, and eco-friendly cleaning products that effectively remove dirt and grime without causing harm to surfaces or the environment.

Communication and Feedback

Effective communication is key to a successful cleaning service experience. Many cleaning companies prioritize open communication channels with clients and welcome feedback to continually improve their services and address any concerns or special requests.

Trained and Background-Checked Cleaners

Cleaning services in Dubai often invest in training programs for their cleaning staff to ensure they are equipped with the necessary skills and techniques to deliver exceptional results. Additionally, background checks may be conducted to ensure the safety and security of clients’ homes.

Emergency Cleaning Services

In case of unexpected situations such as spills, accidents, or last-minute guests, some cleaning services offer emergency cleaning services to quickly address cleaning needs and restore the cleanliness of the apartment.

How long does deep cleaning take?

Depending on the size and condition of the space, a deep clean can take anywhere from a few hours to a full day. Our team of professional cleaners work quickly and efficiently to restore your space to its original condition.


An Apartment Cleaning in Dubai Sharjah and Ajman in a home in Johor is not meant to be a living space, it is a dynamic housing operation that accommodates a variety of lifestyles, be it the simple simplicity of a studio or the opulence of a penthouse.

Apartments cleaning servicin Dubai Sharjah and Ajman Modern Urban Living Understanding the nuances of apartments empowers individuals to make informed choices about their housing by considering factors such as space, amenities, community dynamics, and more.

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